Integrated Payment Processing

Easy, flexible, online payments

Embed custom forms on your website. Collect online payments using a variety of gateways - no coding needed!

Only DBStract Pro provides integrated payment processing.

Enhanced Security

The highest security standard for financial data.

As your DBStract application transmits information to a financial institution, they require a 128-bit SSL connection and will not process a transaction without one. 128 Bit SSL means that there is never any chance of your information every being intercepted or decoded. Again, your security is of paramount importance for us.

Only DBStract Pro provides 128 Bit SSL Security

Integrated Cloud Storage

Integrated Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Enable your custom DBStract interface to receive uploads of images, audio, video, Adobe Flash™and other media with the power of Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)

Only DBStract Pro provides integrated Amazon S3™ cloud storage

Teamworking with Multiple Users

Create teams with multiple user accounts

Create personal logins for all of your team members.

DBStract tracks each user's activity, allowing you to know who has done what. You can also control access, to decide whether each user can view and/or modify data in any particular database. This is useful for creating databases such as project management or sales tracking where you can have multiple users working inside the database at the same time.

Only DBStract Pro provides team working with multiple users

Create Multiple Databases

Create up to 50 databases from a single account.

Log in to an overview of recent activity on all your databases, then access separate reporting for each one. Each database can have up to 20 tables and up to 20 reports created. You can set privacy options, payment integration, API integration and templates for each database.

Only DBStract Pro provides multiple databases

Smart Logic Layer™

Create user delight & organizational efficiency

Using our Smart Logic Layer™, you can create a personalized user experience and a more efficient work flow for those in your organization who receive table submissions.

  • Provide customized response messages after users submit a form
  • Route form submissions to departments or people based on user inputs
  • Redirect users to different URLs or payment processors

Only DBStract Pro provides  Smart Logic Layer™

Direct Data Import

Ditch your existing system - not your existing data

Moving from offline to online?

Import your existing data directly from spreadsheets, CSV files, XML files and more - directly into their DBStract databases.

Do-it-yourself or have us help.

Moving from DabbleDB or Zoho? If you've been ditched by Dabble DB or are moving from Zoho or any other comparable system we'll help get you set up with a Pro account.

Only DBStract Pro provides direct data import

Use the Developer API

The DBStract API gives you complete power over your data.

Use simple API programming methods to obtain any information from your account - and do with it as you like.

  • Use your API calls to create custom mashups, integrate data in your webpages.
  • Create your own reporting interface by accessing this simple URL-based XML API.

Only DBStract Pro provides access to the DBStract API

Advertising and Branding Free

Keep it clean 🙂

Get rid of ads and "powered by..." messages when you integrate your database into your websites or blogs.

Only DBStract Pro provides access to the DBStract API

A DBStract PRO Account is only $19.95/month or $199.50/year.