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Coming soon.. DBStract Viewer for mobile devices

We’ve been hard at work on some apps here, including a Viewer for mobile devices, currently targeted at iOS and Android devices. We know you want to be able to use your apps mobile, and make use of your broadband from  providers such as O2 broadband or Rogers, Telus, Bell, or AT&T, for example, so we are giving it to you. This app will include push notifications to tell you of new entries, and to view new entries that have been made.

I’ve been using it internally myself for the past month, and have been finding it extremely useful to get notified of new leads that have come in on projects, so I think you guys will find it useful as well. :)

I’ll post once it’s been released, which will be very shortly.

On another note, we’re also working on some new API updates, and will also be making some announcement regarding that in the next few weeks. Also, look forward to seeing some design changes in the backend, as we prepare our next update to make your experience smoother, as well as an app market where you can choose pre-built apps to use instead of building from scratch.

As a reminder, feel free to contact us for any support issues, as we are always on hand to provide the best solution we can, even if it involves some custom snippets that use the API to achieve your means. DBStract’s team has worked with several of our users to build several custom solutions using our API and would be glad to help you out in any way.

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