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Fun with QR codes

One thing that is catching on lately is QR Codes. For those of you who don’t know, QR codes are like UPC codes, but on steroids (learn more).

Google has been experimenting with QR codes by linking them to Google Maps listings, and you’ll notice people posting their QR codes on their Yelp listings lately too. Supposedly, Facebook is even tinkering with giving people QR codes for their profiles.

Reading this TC article about Google’s QR codes got us thinking about how a store owner could use them to get mobile-savvy customers (pretty much everyone now?) to fill out surveys or subscribe to mailing lists.

Here’s one way you could use them, but I’m sure you can think of more…

1) Go to your DBStract account, and open a database.

2) Click the social button in the list of options and you will see some choices on qr codes.

3) Now, you can print your image, and hang it on your door.

You might customize your sign with details about the list. “Sign up for weekly e-coupons” or “get our monthly-ish newsletter” or “get event updates.”

Now what?

Anyone with an iPhone, Android or whatever smart phone with a QR scanner app can now go to my form.

On my iPhone, I’ve downloaded an app called Quickmark:

When I scan that code, it recognizes that it’s a URL:

which is clickable, and takes me to my form:

Now that you have an idea of how this can work, you can do unique stuff, like:

  • Place a QR code on your door or window taking customers to a survey where they get special deals for filling it out.
  • You could subscribe people to a fun autoresponder sequence, where they get some random trivia about your business, or tips/advice from your employees, every couple weeks. Advice: if you’re going to automate emails, make sure you tell people on the print out. Like, “Get our secret weekly specials”
  • Add a giant QR code to the last slide of your powerpoint presentations (you’ll get some subscribers, but more importantly, look super nerdy-cool)

Qr codes are gaining momentum and getting more popular every day, so you see them in the oddest places. We added this feature to help our users make use of this cool technology.


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