DBStract Free Accounts Terminate in One Week

Last month we wrote to DBStract users to inform you of an important forthcoming change – the phasing out of the free DBStract account.

This phasing out will be effective a week from today – Saturday 25th June 2011.

Users now have a choice of two plans:

1. The ‘Key Account‘ – priced at $5.95/month. This includes all the features of the old ‘free’ accounts plus the ability to directly import data in to DBStract from sources such as CSV and XML files AND the ability to test out DBStract’s Integrated Payment Processing with 3 transactions. Key accounts have a free trial period of 7 days.

2. The ‘Pro Account‘, which will continue to be priced at $19.95/month, now features the ability to implement multi-page forms for data capture and will be further enhanced over coming months.

Existing free DBStract accounts which have not been upgraded to either ‘Key’ or ‘Pro’ by  Saturday 25th June 2011 will be cancelled. Following a short holding period, data from these accounts will then be purged from our system.

We would like to take this opportunity to answer two questions that you may be asking:

Why the change?

The main reasons for this change are (a) to enable us to maintain our excellent levels of reliability and responsiveness as our user base grows and (b) to support improvements to DBStract across all levels – user interface & experience, system functionality & platform support.

Sure – we could have thrown advertising all over the interface. But we didn’t want to. And judging from user feedback, you wouldn’t want us to.

Additionally – following the closing of DabbleDB, a number of users have asked if we have any similar plans. Shifting from a ‘Freemium’ model to our new Key/Pro model makes DBStract a viable business and a highly reliable place to build web applications and store data with more features and flexibility than our competition.

If you’ve ever relied on a free service and thought “Let us pay for this service so that it won’t disappear” you’ll understand where we are coming from.

When should I switch to a Key Account? When will I be charged?

The best time to switch to a Key Account is… RIGHT NOW! By switching your account from the free account to the Key Account today you’ll be ensuring full continuity of service. Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED until Saturday June 25th 2011. There really is no reason to delay.

To transition to a Key or Pro account just Login to DBStract, select your new account type, enter your billing details and give yourself one less thing to deal with.

Finally, let us take this opportunity to thank you for being a DBStract customer. If you have any feedback on DBStract please feel free to contact us.

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