Important Changes at dbStract – A Message from Our CTO & Co-Founder

As many of you know I launched the original version of DBStract some time ago. 5 years ago in fact. For all that time providing the site and the service has been something I have done in my spare time while working as a ‘Code Monkey’ for various employers and clients (and yes ‘Code Monkey’ has been my official job title).

Despite this being a part time activity DBStract has grown in to a platform that supports thousands of users, and millions of data records. Our uptime has been second to none.

In order to move DBStract forward I recently sought business partners and formed DBStract Technologies Inc. I have retained the role of CTO. Nick Kellet is our CEO and Richard Taylor is our CMO.

A number of initiatives are now underway to enhance the DBStract experience including interface re-design; provision of a suite of WordPress plugins; additional tools to allow you to not only capture and display data but to transform and analyze data; integration with a leading Email newsletter service; data capture via multi-screen wizards ; a selection of ‘starter apps’ to allow even quicker deployment of common functions; development of iOS and Android apps.

We expect ‘DBStract 2′ to launch in fall of this year and to become the number one App for making Apps.

Until now, the service has been provided on the ‘freemium’ model: the basic version of DBStract has been provided free-of-charge and the PRO version of DBStract has been priced at $19.99/month.

Effective today, the free version of DBStract is no longer available to new users.

New users have a choice of two plans…

The ‘Key Account‘ – priced at $5.95/month. This includes all the features of the old ‘free’ accounts plus the ability to directly import data in to DBStract from sources such as CSV and XML files AND the ability to test out DBStract’s Integrated Payment Processing with 3 transactions.

Key accounts have a free trial period of 7 days.

The ‘Pro Account‘ will continue to be priced at $19.95/month, already features the ability to implement multi-page forms for data capture and will be further enhanced over the coming months.

So – as an existing DBStract user, how does this impact you?

Well, if you are a Pro user, it doesn’t. You can just keep on using DBStract and can look out for announcements of new functions.

If you are a free user, you are required to upgrade to a paid plan, or to export your data in the next month. Effective Saturday 25th June 2011 all existing free DBStract accounts which have not been upgraded to either ‘Key’ or ‘Pro’ will be cancelled and data erased.

Following this, all DBStract users will be invited to take part in a survey to help shape our future with respondents entered in a draw to win an iPad2.

Further reminders will be sent closer to account transition deadline. In the meantime, we thank you for being part of the DBStract community and for your business.

Kind regards
Roger Stringer, CTO & Co-Founder, DBStract Technologies Inc.

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