Create ways to capture, transform and display data through a visual environment - for only $5.95/month

  • No coding knowledge? No problem! With DBStract you'll never need to write a line
  • Experienced developer? Get lean and mean. Bring efficiency to your web app deployment
  • Your databases hold multiple tables and unlimited data
  • Customize what they do anyhow you want, they are yours and they are there for you to work with
  • Each database can contain multiple tables and reports and all can be shaped to show your data your way

A Key Account allows you to create one database with up to 3 tables and 3 reports.

Web Site Integration

Embed forms and tables on your web site. Collect and display your information for everyone to see.

DBStract provides lots of options for displaying and capturing information:

Data Capture Methods:

  • Standard HTML Forms
  • Forms within iFrames

Data Display Methods

  • iFrames
  • Direct Link / Hosted
  • Embedded Integration
  • Full Page Integration
  • Advanced API JSON & XML

Access the DBStract API - upgrade to DBStract Pro


Usability comes first: compliant display, intelligent confirmations, in-context user instructions & more

  • Graceful Degradation (Runs with or without JavaScript,CSS and Cookies)
  • W3C Valid XHTML and CSS | 508 Accessibility Compliant | UTF-8 (Views and Accepts International Characters)
  • Customized Confirmation Messages | Redirect to Web Page on Confirmation | Confirmation Email Receipt to User
  • Required Fields | Hidden Fields | Admin Only Fields
  • Field Instructions for the User
  • Automatically Validate Data by Type
  • Randomize Choice Order
  • Limit Entries by IP Address
  • Limit Maximum Number Entries Accepted
Intelligent Fields

All the flexibility you need & expect

Standard Data Fields:

  • Single Line Text
  • Multi Line Text (Textarea)
  • Numbers
  • Multiple Choice (Radio)
  • Checkboxes
  • Date (Includes Date Picker)
  • Mailing Address (Map Integration)
  • Web Site Address
  • Email Address

Advanced Options

  • DBStract's Data Transector™allows you to transform data by connecting tables
  • Use Plain Text or HTML
  • Matrix Questions
  • Insert URLs for your images, videos, Flash™ flies and other media
  • Embed Google Maps

Add Integrated Cloud Storage - Upgrade to DBStract Pro


Record Management

Comment, print, email, export, search & filter - all from your custom interface

Handle your records the way you need to:

  • Comment on Any Entry
  • Printer Friendly Format
  • Email Individual Entries
  • Bulk Export to Excel and CSV
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Filtering

Entries Automatically Collect

  • Date Created
  • Date Updated
  • Created by
  • Updated by
  • IP Address
Reports & Notifications

Customised notifications & reports to drive decisions

Report Options:

  • Private or Public
  • Insert Graphs (Bar, Pie and Line)
  • Filter Data using Easy to Understand Rules
  • Customizable Data Grid
  • Export Reports to Excel and CSV

Notification Options:

  • Notify Multiple Users
  • Customizable Emails
  • Email Workflow Integration
  • Secure RSS Feeds
  • Mobile Device Updates via SMS
  • Mobile Push Notification via Notifo
Security & Infrastructure

Security and safety that surpasses expectations

  • Strict security safeguards and procedures protect your data. All data stored in DBStract system, is encrypted so that only the user or workgroup using it can access it.
  • Hourly Onsite & Offsite Backups
  • SPAM Protection

DBStract is hosted by Media Temple™, whose data centers provide the highest standards of security, uptime, security and redundancy.
Upgrade to DBStract Pro for 128 Bit SSL Security

A DBStract KEY Account is only $5.95/month or $59.50/year. Try it out with a 15-day FREE TRIAL.